Wednesday, 14 August 2013

How to be the star of your own movie... or rather should you be?!

I was pounding the treadmill this morning at my local gym when the latest Dyson advert appeared on one of the large TV screens in front of me. What struck me about this commercial was not so much the product itself but rather the decision to give so much air time to the product's charismatic inventor, James Dyson. 

I really like the fact that Mr Dyson is prepared to get up in front of his products but I wonder if the agency behind these commercials has considered all of the risks associated with this approach: if customers come to associate a brand or business with a particular individual then what happens when that individual is no longer around to campaign for that brand?

Jellyfish are the Brighton based agency responsible for bringing the Virgin Media commercials featuring Richard Branson to our television sets. Regardless of what you may personally think of these commercials, Jellyfish have been very smart in how they have utilised Mr Branson.

Maybe it's because Richard Branson is already an established brand in his own right that what he really brings to these adverts is a sign of his approval or a sort of quality control. Quite a feat when you consider the fact that his very presence has the potential to overshadow the message these adverts are trying to convey.

I often advise business leaders to get out in front of their products or services, after all if they can't do it how can they expect anyone else to trust them. However, if you are considering taking a starring role within your own video work then by all means do so, just make sure the focus remains on the product otherwise your greatest asset (you) risks becoming your biggest liability!

What do you think? Are you be prepared to front your business? Do you find Richard Branson distracting in the Virgin Media commercials? Feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts below!

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